Bambi Killer - Steampunk

Hello everybody,
this is my first time of real texturing and here is the result. Im happy with it, but I see some problem areas. Could you find them, too? Im totally focused on them, but I think for a stranger they are invisible. Please tell me your opinion. Thanks.

Have a nice day and life.

Aw. The Disney reference. So cute.


I dunno. Looks wicked to me. I love it.

The fact that you’re supposed to use it one-handed is hilarious.

This is really incredible! would you mind posting your materials? I love the copper and the metal edges are fantastic!

I’d buy that nerf gun, looks really cool and i don’t see the mistakes you are talking about

Yee thanks everybody.
You have to be a real badass to handle this weapon :smiley:

The material itself it really simple. The textures are important.

Thank you for sharing your materials with us, Ein! I find the “Spec Color” map to be very interesting, I have to admit I haven’t even thought about that in years! I feel like such a noob!

How did you create your “Fake Normal” map? I’m guessing it’s not being created through the usual method.

I’m sorry I cannot offer any critique on your renders, they are fantastic! The modelling is good, and I feel the materials/textures and lighting really bring them to life! The slight softness, depth of field, chromatic aberration and vignette helps to push them that little bit further; I would say the renders look very professional.

Thanks alot James Candy.
Well, the fake normal map is created with nDo2…so is this not a usual method? I think its usual :3

I had not heard of this software until now, I will check it out! Thanks!

Very nice! Problem areas, you say? I cannot find any.

Thank you so much for posting your materials. It’s like… gold in Blender. Modelling gold. I bet there’s a material for that too.

How does one go about making all those different texture maps and stuff? I’m kinda confused about that. Do you have to specifically shape each texture to fit the gun?

Again, a very awesome work. I would totally buy it if it were tangible.

am i the only one thinking of this?

AWESOME job by the way! :smiley:

hi 1/60,
very nice texturing, very nice model!
the only thing i don’t like too much are the copper parts on the handle.
that aside - totally awesome job!