Bamboo Samurai WIP

Work in progress. Almost half way done! :smiley: should only take me a few more weeks. I still have to clean everything up and mirror over all the mechanical parts… and then rigging.

ooh, lot of fun rigging this, with robots it’s nice to know nothing squashes or stretches.

Looking good. It has nice detail too. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is and thanks! the only part thats hard about it is making sure all the different mechanical parts work as their supposed to without the animator (me) having to do too much work.

You can prob use empties for the mechanical parts.there is a tutorial somewhere on piston rigging that should also work in the same way as mechanical rigging.

Here are 2,one is a piston and the other one is a bit more complex

thanks! I have done piston rigging before but I’ll check out the one I haven’t seen for sure. Its mostly driver problems with getting some of the pieces to move turn or transform properly with the rig. That and also setting up the mechanical parts to work with the riggify rig cuz I’m lazy and it makes amazing humanoid controls. :slight_smile: