Ban Poser!

what about makeHuman people?

is it not evil for the same reasons?

Yay – Another totally pointless rant, we get one of these every week, it would seem :stuck_out_tongue:

As Dante correctly put it, Poser is a tool – It is there for the times where you don’t have three weeks to spend modeling, rigging and texturing realistic human meshes. For this reason alone, Poser justifies it’s existance, and that’s before mentioning the fact that the newer versions of Poser have a wide range of features to customise the human form. In fact, with the best Poser art you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was made in Poser at all.

Seems to me you should be objecting to the masses of crap art done in Poser, not poser itself.

There is a huge amount of total crap done in blender right now, lets ban Blender! %| <—Note: Yes, that was sarcasm.

Wow. Leave it to [email protected] to perfectly sum up my feelings on the subject. Well put, mate!

Is that one of Michale’s kids on the Iron maiden cover?
I have no clue what poser is, and don’t really understand you could “ban” it.

I use poser, but only formaking statues in my blends. (well, i actuallly used for a quicky, but idindt feel like modeling a human, and python was dead.) Poser makes good statues,but other than that
CRAP (mostly :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nooooooooooooo. Do people really not like Comicsans? I think it’s kind of wacky and toonish. It works quite well with, well… comics.

A few redeeming features I would say of Poser is that it names all of the human body parts (I find that sort of thing helps when naming hierarchies of complex models akin to “the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone…”) and it provides quite realistic looking organic bump maps. I like the horses that are produced in Poser, for example.

If you’re not keen on making complicated weighted lattice deformers with driven keys, a muscle bump map can be very handy. Is there an easy facility for making muscle objects in Blender or is it done how I described?

Hey, is that new In flames cd any good?

But anyway, just wanted to say, that I actually like that In Flames cover, nothing wrong whit that, at least it beats most of the game box covers you see today

But gotta agree with that Iron Maiden cover, I tought it was ugly back when it was released and the music video made from that was as hig quality as old soviet puppet shows. But I think they actually even did not try to make it even a decent one, they knew it would sell none the less.

…but other than that
CRAP (mostly icon_razz.gif )

Sounds like someone has an illegal copy of Poser that he doesnt know how to use.

I used to think Blender was crap. Then I learned how to use it.

I agree Alltaken