Ban the person above you!

Just like Eels in Ask the person Below you!, i was looking at this “Senseless Banter” section, & I thought I’d start another one of those threads here :smiley: .

This time is Ban the person above you!.

Like Mysteryhunter said:

“In this game you just ban the person above you for any reason at all”

So… …Start the Banning! :yes:

You are banned because your avatar is too cool for the likes of us slumdogs . . .

You’re banned for being the first to answer :smiley: .

You are banned for answering after your banning! And because there is no L in your name, just your avatar!

You are all banned just for the heck of it and I am pretending to be a mod.

You’re banned because you failed to make me happy.

You are banned because you an arrogant capitalist sympathiser. Yeah! Power to the people to the max!

You are all banned for participating in yet another forum game

You are banned for being a dragon.

You are banned for banning our dragon!!!

You are banned because you’re not even real, you’re a sophisticated bot made out of 1’s and 0’s

You are banned for not even being a dragon

You’re banned because You have stopped believing…

Your’re banned for being too gullable…

You are banned for having a good time with my brother last night :ba:

You’re banned for being ugly.

You’re banned for pointing out other people big obvious flaws.

BTW: I’m so glad no one is spelling “you’re” like “your”. Who ever does that first should be really banned.

Check this out, I’ll just ban myself for laughing too hard.

You’re banned for banning yourself

You are banned for having a name with “dog” in it and your avatar is obviously a white dude :eek: