banana appliance for kitchen

i decided to make something for the kitchen

for the pople who think they have eveything!

do you have your own banana bender yet ?

happy 2.5

Smoothies are so refreshing and easy to make. You really don’t even need a mix or a lot of fruit! This banana smoothie is super quick, requires 4 ingredients and one of them is ice - how simple is that! I developed this quick smoothie recipe with the Tribest Personal Blender™ PB200, using either the large or small blender cups. For details about this convenient blender read the Tribest Personal Blender™ Review.
Prep Time: 03 minutes

* 1 Banana
* 4-6 oz Milk
* 1 tsp Vanilla
* Ice cubes


* Slice the banana right into Tribest's large blender cup (450 ml)
* Add vanilla
* Add 3 to 4 ice cubes (smaller ice cubes are better)
* Add low fat milk to about 1" from the top to allow room for expansion and blending.
* Attach the Blending Blade Assembly
* Place on the Personal Blender and blend for about 35 - 45 seconds
* Take off blender, remove Blade Assembly, add a straw and enjoy 

Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for blender assembly and use.
This recipe was perfected using 2% or 3% low fat milk, but whole or skim milk can also be used.
For the small blender cups (250 ml), simply reduce the ingredients by half.
You can add sweetening but it really is delicious without it.
A great breakfast-on-the go to enjoy on your daily commute.
The kids will love it - it tastes like a banana milkshake.
Tribest has detailed instructions on how to use their blender and also some great recipes for you to try out.