Band logo animation

Trying to animate my band logo for use as an introduction to any new videos we might release. My idea is to have the image above as water in a muddy tire-track.

I made a short video using techniques from a couple of YouTube tutorials (Alpha Mapping in Cycles by Blender Nerd and 2D to 3D and the Wave Modifier by Sardi Pax) It looks ok as eye-candy, but I would not only like to make it look more real, but also have a little more going on, such as actually revealing the logo after a honk and spalsh.

Here is a test render:

The test video is here:

Any comments are welcome, I am new to Blender but have a thick skin and want to learn all I can.

how about if you take your grayscale image and use it as a displacement map for the ground, then use the fluid simulator to fill in the tracks with water.
(edit) you could start the scene with just the water, then drain it off leaving the logo puddle maybe?

Good idea, I will try that. Thanks!