Band logo

I’ve really started to like modelling stuff like this with curves, and for once I’m really satisfied with the material.

Great band btw

nice logo!

Huh. I never really understood how to use curvs to get a similar effect… Where did you learn?

yeah, where did you learn that?

I pretty much just started playing around with curves and learned it myself, sO I don’t know of a good tutorial, but there
are a couple of things that I like to keep in mind when doing stuff like this.

  1. Use as few control points as possible, if you use too many it’s hard to get it smooth.
  2. In a model like this, start in one of hte sharp points, at least I find it easier if you do.

I just woke up, so I can’t really think of anything else right now, but I can try to whip up a short tutorial later on. Any specific questions you’d like answered?

Nice work Morio.

Here’s a good tutorial on modeling with curves. It shows how to make the blender logo.

really nice logo! but if you are going to use it on a cd cover or something, i would make the image more sparking!(if that is a word you understand =P)

Thanks Doublez, Now I won’t have to make a tutorial :smiley:

kronor: I’m not gonna use it on a cd cover, it’s just the logo of a band I like

If you know how to use vector programs like Illustrator then curves are easy to figure out.

I like the logo very much. More info on the band??

It’s a powermetal band from finland iirc they have some mp3 samples for download