Band logos

I was just playing around with some curves again.

I know it’s kinda empty, but I’ll call it finished for now

I think its pretty darn cool for “just some curves” and “kinda empty” :slight_smile: gj

I made another band logo, but I didn’t want to make a new thread again, so I just decided to put it in the same one.

wow, you’re finnish aren’t you :wink:

I’m huge Sonata fan and I say you did excellent job on the logo. For the Kotiteollisuus, add rust and metalbright effect and it’s more their style (:

Yeah, I’m finnish (is it that obvious :wink: )

Anyway, here’s a new render for the Kotiteollisuus logo.

I think I got a really nice almost-melting going on there

That looks awesome. Is that a texture or reflection I see?

It’s a reflection and a bump map

Very kewl! I did some Bandlogos of my own. If you want to see: