banding issue...

when I render an image in cycles with dithering raised,the image looks fine.

but when I open the image in photoshop,there is noticable banding,not sure how to go about fixing this issue,or perhaps there are settings I need to change in blender? My understanding of colour management is limited.

Hmm I’m also not very knowledged about image formats or PS… You are saving as PNG right? That should be already lossless…
If you just open the image after saving (in Photoviewer or w/e) is the banding visible? It souldn’t… If it is you probably ought to try saving in a higher quality format, such as openexr.
To get rid of the banding in PS you could try using the higher 16 or 32bit color modes. Looks like Blender uses 24bit color depth for PNG as the default.

the banding doesn’t appear when view at full res,if I open it on just the windows image viewer,and zoom out,it becomes more noticable,just like if a zoom out to 50% in ps,its strange.Seems to happen in blender too when I look at it at half the size.

Perhaps I should turn dithering up the maximum.Yes i’m saving as png,I also saved as an exr.

Is it only visible when you zoom out? If that’s so then you don’t have any problems since it’s normal for that to happen. If you are going to scale it down remember to use “smooth gradients” option PS :slight_smile:

*I think dithering value of 1.0 does pretty well the job.

I thought I read somewhere that the technical reason why the banding happens when you zoom out is because you are trying to squeeze subtle color differences into fewer pixels. So, some of them have to be dropped and this results in the banding.

Maybe I’m wrong.

I ended up turning the dithering to the maximum (2.0) and it seems to have taken care of the issue.