Bandit -animated short -Props and Set

Edit: the story is on page 3>>

This thread will hopefully evolve into a poll, asking for your input on which short we should do.
Edit: well it has been decided. Bandit it is!

About Us.
My brother and I are coworkers, and produce educational video seminars for the financial industry. My name is Mike White, I am the “artist” of our little team, and I produce 2d and 3d graphics, both stills and animations. I do the modeling, texturing, and rigging.

Adam is the “director” and video editor, handles sound effects and pretty much everything else. He also does animation and cinematography, and helps provide art direction. So we are pretty well evenly divided, and we work extrememly well together with many professional successes in the world of educational videos and commercials.

What we are planning.
We are planning to conquer the world! Tonight! OK, actually we both have always loved animation, particularly 3D, and we want to make our first foray into the world of animation with a short film.

We have outlined 7 ideas. I will be posting the story outlines as they get written, and when they are done, we want to leave it up to you guys which one we do first. Hopefully we will do all 7 eventually, to create a body of work with which to get some investment, and the ultimate dream is of course to make a feature length movie.

Here they are. (detailed plots to follow this post, hopefully soon)

1. Moving Day a turtle and a rabbit who have to move their households, and the different approaches they take in doing so.

2. Bandit One man’s struggle against a slot machine with a nasty attitude.

3. Lumber Jill A little woman shows the big boys with toys the right way to log a hillside.

4. Junk Day One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

5. Yard Work A suburban dad learns that ignoring the weeds can be quite dangerous indeed.

6. Endangered Species A caveman’s struggles with Neanderthal environmentalists.

7. The Portrait A vain queen gets taken in by a smooth talking “artisan”.

That’s all for now, I’ll get the stories posted as soon as I can. Most of these have evolved from simple ideas we have had, or from bedtime stories that I have told my kids. All of them have some moral to be learned, or at least some funny outcomes. I am excited about getting this off the ground, and hearing your feedback on them. Better start writing…:yes:.

That sounds like an ambitious plan :slight_smile: I would start with the “Bandit”, mainly because it sounds like the easiest one to do. But I would certainly love to see all of them.

Bandit and junk day sound interesting and funny, i think i would like to see bandit though first.

definately bandit… idea: Have the slot machine just spit coins out but instead of him being all excited have it knock him down

Good idea, but instead of helping the bandit by giving him money [coins]. Have slot machines lever hit the bandit or something of the sort. Should be interesting, cant wait.:yes:

@dylan: perhaps somehow the coins get sucked back in or something :eyebrowlift2:

“sucked back”? maybe they are all tied to a string? :confused: I don’t know. That’s a lot of strings!

This community is wonderful! Thank you all for your feedback. It’s funny we were already leaning towards Bandit, it is the simplest and possibly most original idea.

@cjjjj I like your idea, they could be sucked back like by a powerful vacuum cleaner!

Now Adam is the screenwriter, but I will give you more info about our original concept for this short.

Bandit Synopsis:

Our story is set in a casino, opens on a pan of roulette and blackjack tables. Then we see our main character, lets call him Bill, walking past a row of slot machines. All the machines are the same, except one. The normal machines have the typical fruit symbols you are used to seeing, but this one has a silly face instead, one eye on the left roller, nose and mouth on the middle roller, and the other eye on the right. This grabs Bill’s attention and he stops. Slowly he pulls a coin out of his pocket and slips it into the slot. The coin locks in place with an ominous clank, and Bill grasps the lever and gives it a pull.

I’ll keep updating the previous post with more story, wanted to post this quick sketch of the Bandit’s face. Neutral and angry. Trying to figure out if he has a mouth or not, any ideas you guys have of how to do the mouth in the same style would be great.


I say go for mouth! And do like a “grrr” expression when he is fighting the slot machine.

hmmmm… I’ve seen something like this before… I think… No I think its reminding me of a disney cartoon where the kids go into this house owned by an old man and the house comes alive cant think of tha ame but it was a 3d movie… but another way to show anger is his face turning red and shaking his fist

@ddd I am definitely going to give him a mouth.

Here is the current status of the bandit character. Just a quick sketch really, made in gimp.

Ideas are taking shape.


Excellent stuff! Keep it up!

Started modeling the bandit.


Finished the arm and coin slot. Slow progress…


Finished off his hat and rollers.


The slot machine bandit is finished. Now on to our main character Bob. Bob is faceless right now, and missing some digits…

Edit: He is renamed to Bruce :slight_smile:


He is progressing, I am trying to get the form right, the concept is to do a simple character, but the proportions must be perfect!


Started roughing in the face. I think I like it…the director is not so sure.


OK, I scrapped the model I had going and started over. I am going to work on the face first. I usually box model everything, but for this face I am going poly by poly. Really trying hard to get a handsome male character, female forms come much easier to me.