Bandwidth while rendering

Okay, I am in a competition that is connected to our school, therefore, we are using our school’s computers to do a network render. How much Bandwidth would it take up in the network, my school uses the internet, and intranet for almost everything, would this effect either, if so, how much?

First, you can render during nights, no one cares for bandwidth in the school during nights.
Secondly, it depends on the render solution you use. Loki for instance copies the scene from the master to all grunts, including possible physics data and it’s pretty much the same for other render solutions, the data has to get to the grunts somehow. I had 500mb-1gb scenes already, and if Loki’s copying the scene to all other machines it can very well jam the network for a while. On the other hand depending on your networks speed its barely noticeable for smaller files. Assuming your school got a 100MBit Ethernet, which equals a practical transfer rate of ~10-11 Megabyte per second, an average 50 MB file is sent in 5 seconds.
And once the scene is distributed it’s just local load on the machines until a frame is done and being sent back. An uncompressed PNG in 1080p has around 6MB, so it’s send back in 500ms.

We have a pretty fast network, they won’t tell us exactly how fast though. All I know is that we do a network render, I am not very adept in doing rendering, and we usually render after school, but the lab is really busy at that time, also, after school we need our adviser there to monitor us, not to mention we need to check it every hour or so to make sure we have no computer failures.

Huh, why wouldn’t they tell you the LAN speed? I understand to some degree that they keep the WAN speed secret, but you can always use a tool to measure the LAN speed yourself.

Why would you want to monitor the computers hourly? They are no toddlers and we live in the 21st century.
You either write a shellscript that checks if the binary process rendering is still running and if not, restart it, or even better you write a shellscript that just sends you an email if the render fails, saying which machine failed on what frame in which file.

You can prepare the whole rendering system in a virtual machine, do whatever you want there, and then just go and install VirtualBox on the school machines and run the VM there.

Our school is mean sometimes, we have to have a teacher log into admin in order to do anything and they don’t particularly like us to install anything. Also, if we don’t monitor them hourly, they have a tendency to restart, go on error for some stupid reason, crash blender, not to mention that the lab we are using isn’t really monitored by a teacher so we have to make sure no one went and messed with our computers.