Following along with this tutorial

Since I’m living in the Southeastern US, I decided to try something different.


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This is really beautiful ! Something about that metal guard or palm rest on the bottom picture looks a little off for some reason. Seems like you might need to add some more edge loops to tighten up edge you see. Without looking at a reference pic, it’s hard to say… maybe that is the way it is. But it really looks good. It deserves to be placed in a cool musical scene or setting when you are done.

Thanks for the comments Harleynut97. I still have some details to work out and finnish up some textures before I set it in a scene. I think the HDRI reflections are causing the rest to look that way from that angle. I’ll render a top view and see if that’s the case.

Nice banjo !
i like the details you put on this one, but like harleynut97 says, the reflections seems a bit off (hdri ?) and the wood texture looks like a low-res. May be you could add a little bump on the wood spec.
Great modeling !

clarkx, I’m using an HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) for the lighting and reflections in the scene. You are right, the wood texture isn’t as high of a resoultion as I would like and the reference images I used show a high gloss smooth finish on the wood, so I don’t think I will add any bump to it for now, but thanks for the comments and suggestions!

I think it’s amazing, great job! Definitely don’t put any bump on the wood, and I think if you gloss it up a bit the res of the wood will work just fine :smiley:

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I’m kind of close to the limit on the glossyness of the wood. I’m having a hard time with the chrome and wood overpowering each other if I make the wood more glossy. If you have any suggestions to remedy this, I would appreciate it. It looks like you are more of a BI person though. This was done in cycles. Thanks again!

Very welcome! It may be something as simple as using a Mapping node to adjust the reflection of the hdri to get it to hit the wood more, but I love it just how it is anyway, really nice model :smiley:

@harleynut97 and clarkx,
There was some issues with the modeling of the rest, just as you both pointed out. That’s why I love these forums! You guys were able to see something I couldn’t and helped me see the light! Didn’t post a new render with the fix as I’m working on some small details and textures.

Thanks for the suggestion on the mapping node. I’ll have to look into that.

Small update. Added some small details and changed the texture on the neck.

Great work :slight_smile: I love banjo :slight_smile: My father in law plays banjo a lot, its a really cool instrument :slight_smile: Bluegrass music is so awesome :slight_smile:

Here is something very cool : Sleepy Man Banjo Boy Band

Awesome work, keep at it :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments:) If you show this to your father in law, tell him not to look real close as there is some artistic license going on:D Here’s another angle.

At last! Something in the Blenderverse I’m qualified to comment on! (Banjos, that is).

It’s a very good-looking model, particularly now that you’ve darkened the fretboard and put some trim along the sides. The main technical error I see is that the tailpiece should angle up toward the bridge, not down.

If I wanted to nitpick, the buttons (the turny things) on the tuners are a slightly oddly shaped. And the holes on the flange aren’t exactly Gibson…80% of the resonator banjos in the world are Gibsons or imitation Gibsons. Google image search “gibson banjo flange” for some nice examples.

If you think I’m being OCD, try posting this to You’ll get some oohs and ahhs (it really is a nice model), but also some incredible nitpicks. These guys know how many screws held on a Vega resonator in 1926.

Thanks for your comments! Trust me, I know there are a lot of inaccuracies in this!:wink: I loosley based this off of many different banjo references I found on the net, so it’s not meant to be totally accurate, just believable. I tend to get aggravated with my inability to really model something to be an exact copy. Maybe I’m a little lazy but it really is my lack of skill that holds me back!:mad: Regarding the tailpiece, the reference I used shows a pronounced downward tilt. I’m not at home now, so I’ll post the reference later. And as for the holes in the resonator, I got lazy and took the easy way out!:smiley: Thanks again for your comments and suggestions!

Well. Actually. Hm. Y’know, it could be angled downward. The point of the tailpiece is to adjust tension of the strings going over the bridge, and the bridge communicates vibration to the head, and the head makes the sound, that bounces off the resonator and comes flying out those flange holes (which are shaped like a rectangle with a hemicircle on either side, easy peasy).

Anyway, you’re neither lazy nor lacking in skill. It’s a good model of a tough object. You just had the misfortune to cross the path of a Blender noob who’s also a banjo fanatic.

Worked a little on textures.

I changed the flange holes.:yes: Thanks for the suggestion!


Ok, I think I’m done with textures, so now to put it in a scene.

The beginnings of the scene. Will add a mic stand and maybe a stool. I messed up the texture of the banjo stand, so I need to fix that too.