Decided to call this one done. I loosley followed this tutorial over at, but obviously decided to go with something different. BTW, great tutorial, Josh!!

One more from the other side.

Love the detail. I’m working on something based on Josh’s tut as well. You have inspired me to keep adding the detail. It’s great that it does not look new.

keep up the great work!

Heh heh. You even put REMO on the head. Well spotted.

Lovely work. Portfolio piece.

Thanks, I really do appreciate the comments. Good luck with your project. When I follow a tutorial, I tend to drift away from the exact subject in the tutorial, just to keep it different. Adding enough detail has been my downfall in the past, so I tried to go further than I normally do, but there is so much more that could be added here too. I tend to get burned out on a project before I finish it!

Thanks, and I REALLY do appreciate your knowledge of banjos. It helped quite a bit! I’m sure there are things that were ommited and that this is not perfect by any means, but I’m happy with it! Thanks for the portfolio mention (I don’t even have a portfolio)!

Nice one! loved the details.


Looks like reference images and no renders!!!
Only such grey color for the metallic, is not correct I think. I would expect some reflection there, some variation, not just such plain grey color. Don’t seems right for metal. Probably is reflecting the blackness behind the camera. Put there some image of some theatre with people or something to reflect faintly and blurred.