Banner Challenge #406 (22/10/10) CLOSED

Theme #406 for 22 October 2010 is: Spooky

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 25 October 2010.

This is a banner challenge:
The winning entry will be featured on the top banner of the website.

Banner Specifications:

It has to look awesome.
Image must be 968x150 pixels EXACTLY.
Do not write anything (name, title, etc.) on the image. We will add it later in our standard font.

theeth has exactly :
" Posts: 11,111 "

Edit: Note by theeth: I’ll have to start deleting one of my old posts each time I wanna post a new one.

I am definitely entering! there is going to be a lot of entries, I bet.

Here’s mine. :slight_smile:

Fun, I’m still wondering what the

is going to be all about.

Quandtum, see the first post… nothing to worry about, just the specifications for the banner.

I’m gonna try. But working this weekend, so we shall see. I do have a question though, regarding this and other challenges. Knowing I cannot do humans yet, is it ok to import an already made CC one? Maybe provided that its not the primary focal point?

filetype ?
oh yeah, and size in kilobytes?

ah man i wish i had time to enter this weekend :’(

nevermind, i quickly mocked this up:
I might edit it later if i have time
EDIT: updated picture

Sure you can. If it is major piece of the shot, it would probably classify your entry as open, not pure. Read the rules on this here:

I would say png would be best. As to the size, keep it lossless, post it on an image host that doesn’t compress it.

animated gif’s are out?

So I decided to play with lights and shadow play…and this is what happened. :slight_smile: I may have to change the middle one ( even though that one took me the longest) since you cant really see what it is.


It’s not an animation challenge.

No animated GIFs. Filetype doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t compress it a lot in a lossy format. Size doesn’t matter either.

Wow time zones are confusing… oh well, maybe there will be another entry or two? hope so.

Guess I’ll contribute something. What’s more spooky than a ghost?

Pure except external gamma correction, and the branches in the background are recycled from a previous blend to save time, so I guess still pure…


Here is my entry:


Pure Blender 2.49.


RobertT, that’s exceptional… challenge set aside, I think it’s one of my favorites from you. That is seriously cool!

Thanks so much, Quandtum.

It definitely felt like a really “spooky” piece to work on :slight_smile:

Nice work on all the entries, everyone!