Banner Challenge #406 (22/10/10) CLOSED

How much time do I have…??

Lunar Night


I want to change out all of the tombstones and maybe adjust the lighting
some other tweeks too but…
so far so good…


Like a ghost from the past, I awoke from my slumber to partake in this challenge.
It’s a tad boring, but I chalk it up to segfaults (that will teach me to think I can safely render a traceable volume material and a shell on different layers without them affecting eachother!). I bringeth thee:

The Spooky Dunes

Wow robertT, you continue to amaze me with how you manage to create these masterpieces in such a short time.
contest aside, it would be awesome to see a bigger version, i’d love it as my desktop wallpaper :slight_smile: like 1680x1050 or something

Thanks, gregzaal!

Here you go:

I hope you like it :slight_smile: