Banner Image to my Novel Episode 1

Hello Friends

I’ve designed an image using blender and GIMP to as a banner to a novel i wrote in Arabic .The title is Shady’s Return . First episode : Separation .

What do you think ?

it looks good, but I have a suggestion… so, she is making the fire right? blender can make fire, and smoke, and you can influence it with force fields, and textures, and other things. what if it was occurring more like a vortex? could be more magical looking that way.

she supposed to be trying to run into fire :-s , his brother is lost behind that fire .

I will try to work more on force fields and fire . :slight_smile:

Thanks Modron :slight_smile:

I think the current fire looks pretty cool actually. Since it’s just normal fire, I guess that works. Playing with the fire settings can be a lot of fun though.

I think that too.

Thanks Modron for commenting :slight_smile: