Banning swim goggles, SERIOUSLY!?

All this because of a slight chance that it could hurt someone even though many kids love it as they get to see underwater and get a clear view of sunken objects among other things. I would agree with some comments in the article saying it’s health and safety gone too far, heck let’s wrap kids in ultra-soft blankets and make them sit in a pillow all day and give them feeding and breathing tubes, because they can choke on food and air can be polluted, and they can hurt themselves accidently with their own fingernails. One comment says at this rate they’ll be afraid of their own shadows:eek:

Kids can and will find a way to get hurt using anything and with everything, the only way for perfect health and safety is to ban everything and do what I wrote above, the line has to be drawn somewhere.

this is as retarded as taking away a seniors diploma as he is graduating for blowing his family a kiss - look that one up sofa - king - wee -todd - did.

Wow, I’m just speachless. My teachers definatley aren’t afraid of being sued. Good thing I live in a non-idiot town, where the parents don’t freak out about every little thing.

… THAT’S happening in the UK too (on the news in the last week)

…still at least my kids can still eat with metal knives and forks (and throw them at each other)and jump from large heights onto hard surfaces at home if not at school…

it’s a shame we don;t have a pool so they can wear their goggles!

Wow. It seems like the only people that make decisions like that are absolute control and safety freaks. The rules being made now are appalling to just about everyone except the people that make them.
Recently, it’s been getting so bad that at my school, lots of teachers have openly said that some new rules and regulations are crap. The only people with actual control don’t even come to the schools.

Keep in mind that parents are now more likely to sue schools than they were in the past. They see no problem getting swim goggles for their young children, but that doesn’t mean that they will show them how to use them properly, or even adjust them so that they fit correctly. The schools are just trying to prevent any stupid lawsuits.

Before we blame the administrators, I think we need to look at how both the parents and kids act. Too many parents are relying on schools to discipline their kids. The schools are left with adding regulations or acting as parents for an increasing number of “parentless” children.