Bantam 3D grass freeware

I never got rips hair-o-matic to work so I found this cool little program. It makes grass according to a variety of specs, including reading grayscale bmps to map placement both vertically and horizontally. It exports to obj so you’ll need a converter. ( I recommend accutrans3D )
<edit> oh and it makes pebbles too.

Hi Modron,

very nice link, thank you!

The scatter thing seems to be also available, might be usefull for other stuff



hey folks, that link doesnt exist anymore!!!

where do i also get bantam3d???

Try PlantStudio, it can make grass and a lot more…

Or use the Beast script, or Fiber script (search the forum to find links)

bantam is no longer distributed unfortunately. try rip stings ‘fiber’ script. it doesn’t have the grayscale thing for placement, but you can always go through with the circle select tool, select all the bits of unwanted grass, use ‘L’ to select connected vertices, and ‘X’ to delete.