Banya (Sauna) in Ukraine

Here is the sauna, projected for one family in their’s garden. Tree, tuya, will not move & I flowed building around tree.
So, there was many variants of building, I present the last.

blender internal renderer+nodes
Postprocessing - GIMP (backgrund & some glowing)

Great BI use. It doesn’t look like BI actually.
Congratulations. Too much postpros but it’s OK.

Great Job man, as michalis said it doesnt really look like BI, I really liked it!

Ok the secret is easy.
BI makes photo not realy good balanced. I use levels to adjust dark areas & light areas.

  • i can make little glow.
    It all can be done with nodes, simply. But i used to use GIMP :))

Thank for reply :slight_smile:

I like the contrast and glow but I think you overdid it a bit, it bothers me a bit in the first picture the fact the two different wall planes are equally lit, edge is not visible. The glass is not bad but could stand a bit of improvement - the interior should not be so visible in a day time image. Good work overall!