BANZAI -- The Samurai Slash! game wip

I haven’t posted here in a while, so I thought I would have a real go at it as my comeback, here’s my latest work for blender game it’s of a small, bright, derailed, 3r’d person action slash game…

C&C would be real cool :slight_smile:

First you need to texture it and then it can be fully evaluated. The modelling for now is good.

:o I need to get all the modeling done before I start the texture and real time lighting work, I assure you that it will be as cool as the models I’ll be posting in the next while. ( for now I need to model all the props objects and 2 enemy characters a ninja and a huge domo samurai. )

well thanks for posting and stay toned for the next wip :wink:

very good :slight_smile:

where’s the ninja turtles shredder :slight_smile: cant wait to play with nice models like that

ok here’s the next update I’m going to finish the level first. thanks for the comments guys… :slight_smile:

Very nice looking, though unless you’re using another engine that must be an image render, not realtime render…


the “engines” that can do ambient occlusion in real time do not do it by raytracing [they do a buffered shadow approach, with many points around the scene] and wouldn’t have the grain appearance

hanzo: your modeling looks pretty good, I want to see how the textures end up…

:o ah yeah its with blender render ambient occlusion, z3r0 d you have great timeing :D…

note: while my model work is in the wip I’m rendering it that way, but as I paint the textures I will use a rendered out ambient occlusion for texture painting so it will look pretty much like the real thing ( I hope ). In any case you guys are probably wondering how my texture work looks realtime so here’s a through 8) but without my render texture ambient occlusion trick.

my tongue feels strange after that last line, anyway enjoy.

ooo nice models! looks like a fun game!

:stuck_out_tongue: just had to make another one from a dif angle ( worm eye ) also a bit greener on the texture.

you work really fast hanzo. i’ll be watching the progress of this game :slight_smile:

Mark62756 cool thanks man…

here’s another update :wink:


hanzo u crazy bastard!!!

u make us look like idiots

even though theyre arent really any textures, the modeling is very good… but even more impressive is the amazing shading you’ve done good work!

Um, the shading is YAF-ray.

EDIT: I thought it was :p.

Good night (it’s 11:35 here).

not YAF-ray, but pure blenders ambient occlusion and a little talent… very cool trick for fake GI.

ineedanewbi, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s 12:46 am I’m going to sleep the comp, and start my real study see ya tomorrow.

my first update for the day, is animated GIF give about 40 seconds and it should load properly on a 56 kb, I’m going to try adn make the game look as much like this but at a higher framrate if posable.

until the next update :slight_smile:

Looks incredible!! Very nice modeling. What you plan on doing with AO is possible but…it will be a pain and you will not be able to re-use any textures.

I’m still a bit confused about how you’re going to do the ao trick in real time. Radiosity solution or some kind of texture baking?

I would really like to know how to do something like that without the hideous meshes from radiosity.