Bar of soap help

Hi, I’m brand new to Blender and I’m trying to build a bar of soap. I’ve been able to emboss the lettering, but I can’t figure out how to soften or bevel the edges of the embossed lettering so it looks more real. I found a tutorial online of someone doing it with a gold bar, but it was so fast and complicated that I found it impossible to follow:
I’m hoping there might be a simpler way for a beginner like me. I’ve attached a photo of the bar I’m trying to recreate.

It’s a good tutorial, it’s just not beginner level.

ALT-C to convert to paths or mesh. (Brings up submenu, but this guy is quick or has the options hotkeyed.) Solidify is used with the “only rim” option, although it’s not mentioned. Alt selecting (loop) or control selecting (shortest path) is used to select connected edges quickly. W for specials menu followed by R will remove doubles.