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Here’s an image I did for the 2007 wall calendar of our advertising agency. It’s going to be printed and given to our customers. The assignment was “do anything you want”. I’ve never done anything with fluids so… :slight_smile:

Rendered with Yafray GI + one photon lamp inside the glass. Fluid sim was composited together with the letter R in photoshop. Also color corrected (of course) and the light tubes inside the letters were added in photoshop. Original render size is for print… something like 3500 pixels wide. It took me 10 hours to make.

Edit: Here’s a hi-res version (1600x1200) which is nicely suitable for desktop wallpaper.

very nice render and idea… keep up the good work !

WOW. thats awsome!! looks really cool!! i really like the sign!

Thats amazing.

That’s are really neat idea and very well executed! Top job! :slight_smile:

I love the idea and the executin, especially the fluid and lighting are great

Thumbs up

I second Edeeehem. Awesome concept and execution of the idea.


Wow. That’s beautiful!

Great materials, great shape to the fluid, great lighting.


5 *****

perfect very pro work

Awesome. Very nice work.

5 stars. Top notch!

Wow thanks! Nice to see that you like it.

I also got permission to post almost any project I’ll be doing at work (which is great) so expect lots of finished projects from me in the future. :smiley:

[email protected]: I signed the Firefly petition. What a great series that is! They always cancel the best… (Carnivale too :()

thats just wicked ! dude, brilliant yafray stuff…
4 *

Very nice!


Shall we get a higher res one to make a desktop background picture? :slight_smile:

That’s great ook! Very well done. The lighting is great and the fluids look excactly the way I want to get my fluids to look like but never menage to get them to look like. Could you share me/us your fluid settings?

Great work, 5 stars from me. Too bad I’m not one of your costumers, one of these prints would be cool :D.

Nice !! Any tutorial for this or a blend file…

Dammit! This is beautiful.
And it feels like you can touch it.
The light in the glass really brings the attention to the glass.
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Ah wait a minute, that ain’t me!

Great idea, and the “neon-fluid” looks pretty cool!
Having that as an animation would be nice :slight_smile: