bar scene WIP

This is the main bar piece

still have alot of modeling to do, i am going to recreate this entire picture.


this is one of the bar stools


wine glass


this is what i have so far…

still needs some backround things, going to start textureing soon



That is quite impressive - what do you intend to with the models when they are finished ?

idk i am just practiceing really,

i am kinda new to all this

this is with some textureing, floor needs fixing, walls still need picture and window, carpet needed


Throwing materials is good - the results can be sometimes be more impressive that that of using images. I’d advise using images via UV-Wrapping - can take about 1/2 hour to learn the basics, but it will do your renders justice.

that is the best way to texture thingS??!

which parts of this scene should be uv wrapped?