Barbarian (cartoonish)

This is something I’ve been tinkering lately. A cartoonish barbarian ala Conan. I think I’m gonna do one of those little scenes, in which the barbarian stands tall, in this case not so, with his sword and a lady, who has wrapped her arms around him. And maybe I’ll throw in a monster or two.


wow, he’s got freakishly small feet… :slight_smile:

the top pf the body looks really nice but the legs look rushed, and kinda weird.

Nice sci-fi twist in the mesh. Good stuff.

Hi Hippie,

The model is looking good you obviously have a good grasp of humand antomy. The overall topolagy looks good there does hovever appear to be a problem just above and below there ear most liky caused by the use of triangles. In the side view the chest looks a little flat given the bulk of the characters upper body. There are also weird edge flows at the lower outer corners of pecs sort of looks like an attempt to create nipples if so they are to far out and need to come in a bit.

The legs look freaky but i guess thats just the stylized look you are going for. The cloth folds are to intense and there is no sense of gravity affecting cloth.


Thanks from the comments. Here’s a small update on the character. I decided to give him a bit longer legs. I also pumped up his chest a bit and started to do some additional gear for him.