Barber shop pole (Need C&C)
Can some one tell me what i need to improve on this pic i know theres alot but ive only been working with blender a few months :smiley:

there aren´t any pics…

i know sorry i couldnt find a good website to host my pics sorry again:eek:

is there shadows? if not that would make a big difference turn on ray tracing

thanks that will help;)

There’s tad too much specularity on the bricks and you should get a photo of some city or buildings to reflect on those shiny balls on the ends. Now they are reflecting the empty surrounding and the wall.

Also, having an environment to reflect would help. The metal would look more like metal if you added a texture to your world, then it wouldn’t just look black like that.

{edit} ha, you beat me to it, Hippie

The top of the pole screams, “Fake!” while the rest of the pole (and the wall) look great with the exception of the specularity problem mentioned. It would normally look superb as you did a great job with the colors and perspective…again, just the top of the pole…something doesn’t look right. Keep up the good work though!

i agree with cloud :). its too short a pole too.

Thanks for all the replys guys they really helped as ive only been working with blender for a few months and i am only 14 years of age but i am willing to learn anything anyone has to tell me to become a blender pro.
thnx again heres the new pic

looking good!

See if you can add some dirt & scratches to the metal at the top and bottom of the pole. It looks like a perfect mirrored ball right now.

And it looks like the bump-map and texture on the brick wall have gone out of sinc with each other.

thnx also how would i go about adding dirt and scratchs to the metal would it be just another overlapping texture

Yeah, a white material with coloured spots and and black lines for scratches, set to colour mix, ray-reflecting and normal (maybe specularity)

Looking good. Have you tried using ambient-oclussion on it?

Another thing is the pole doesn’t seem to be attached to the wall, it just looks like it’s floating in the air.

Thnx for all the reply guys anymore would be greatly taken thnx again

Great Job on the second version of the pole! A more chrome finish was definitely what it was lacking. BRAVO!

thnx for the c&c people any more would be great