Barbershop, in 18 Artworks

Here are promotional images/videos that I did for a, now defunct, barbershop chorus.
All are done in Blender, some with post-processing in Gimp. Cycles was used for most of the rendering, the other was BI. Most of them took a couple days to make; the videos were done in 1-2 weeks.
This was done over the last 2 years or so.

Tragedy and Singing

Barberpole Cat

Gateway To Harmony

May Day Barberpole

Easter Basket

Strawberries 'n Harmony

Memoir of a Barbershopper

Go Tell It On the Mountain (a & b)

Talking Heads Sing Barbershop

Barbershop Be Our Guest

And these were done as advertising for an open house.

Open House Note Chorus

Open House Boater Hat

Open House Shrine

Open House Barbershop Be Our Guest

and a couple which did not end up getting used, but that I like anyway.