Barcelona chair

Hi everybody, here is my Barcelona chair model, I hope you like it.

Blender 2.49 and the render with Yafaray
my potfolio

Looks pretty good.

thanks for comment

Looks good and has a fine detail
It has a leather texture/material?
And which lighting method did you use for the render?
P.D I’m also making a Barcelona chair, it will be finishied in a couple of days :smiley:

Just browse your blog itself. This is an amazing model.

Looks very comfortable^^ Excellent render.


Really nice image! I’m kind of interested to know how you modeled this ^^

I made available for download on the website

Looks good. The bottom cushion looks a bit stiff (maybe they are?), and I can see some edges on the back support.

@Julioras I’m always impressed by your skills, another great render.

I hope one day you’ll consider doing some getting started with Yafaray tutorials. I find this is the biggest reason more people aren’t using it. There are just not enough tutorials on it. Every time I use it, I spend more time on trial and error than actual rendering.

It looks good but personally I think this chair is like what the Audi TT is to car models, its been done to death. Lots of famous architects have designed some really nice chairs out there but some how its always this chair.

A classic! well done julio, a great and very useful model

Amazing as usual!