Barebone Shuttle SN68SG2 by FearMan (MR)



Here’s one of my new projects called “Barebone Shuttle SN68SG2 by FearMan (MR)”.
It took more than 4 1/2 hours to complete it!

Please vote it
Enjoy it! :wink:

Thank you in advance.


I really appreciate good quality tech renders like this. Good work FearMan :yes:

i went for all because there isnt a modelling only one :stuck_out_tongue:

the logo is fine, but the plastic texture isnt great i dont think and not all that like the real image.
in saying that it is a very nice image :slight_smile:
just i think yafaray or lux woulda made a nicer render :slight_smile:


I have never used “Yafray” but I will try it!

Very nice.


Here’s the new one (rendered without Yafray)!

[About the changes]
-> Other material for the screws
-> Changed screw-objects
-> Other material for the USB-Slots and for the FireWire-Slot
-> Other material-settings for the 4 black surfaces around the buttons

  • a door in the background with incoming sunlight [new]

[About the settings]
Size: 1024x680
OSA: 16
Quality: 100%
Rendertime: 10:30min.

Both compared:



The new render looks better :slight_smile:

About the door, nice concept. But to me, it’s hard to place where exactly the door is in the scene. Is it a human sized 10 meters behind the model? Or is it just a small opening placed a few centimetres away on a wall?

FearMan (MR)

Here you can see that the door is far away from the pc!