Barebone "Shuttle SN68SG2" PC



I’m still working on my new project called “Barebone Shuttle SN68SG2 PC by FearMan (MR)” and I have got a problem with the logo on the front of the PC!

This is the logo which I want to put on the front.


I have already tried it with an empty but than there are thousands of “Xpc” logos on the top and on the side!

But I want only 1 logo on the front!
Please help me!!!

Thank you in advance.


uv map it!!! :slight_smile:

theres tutorials in the tutorial section or google “blender uv mapping”

good luck


I have a new problem with the logo.

On the left side there are the settings for the Colour-Map material and on the right there are the settings for the Alpha-Map material.

But instead of that that the black colour is going to disappear it becomes like a X-Ray Scan from the background!

How I can change this?