Barely Regal (Peach "fanart") (And another image)

Soooo, it’s been way too long since I posted anything here! Mainly because I haven’t finished anything worthy of showing off in a while.

But that has changed!

Here’s a couple of renders I made for the competitions at The Gathering.

The first was my entry in the competition for rendered graphics. I’m sure you’ll recognize the character. :wink:

The second is my entry for the freestyle graphics competition. The character is my own, but inspired by Avatar and the draenei in World of Warcraft.

It’s all Blender internal.

Hope you like 'em!

Barely Regal

She’s Blue

haha theyre awesome lol i didnt expect to see the one of peach lol you should really put that in a thread of its own or its likely to be overlooked. they are both really good :slight_smile: were they done entirely in blender?

All right, Peach is cute, but I can’t believe you had the balls to violate her in this way. You are a knave indeed. The render however looks excellent, I think you nailed the style perfectly.

I don’t like this second one as much, something about her mouth or the shape and placement of her eyes. But I’m digging the style of the render, lighting, and the tattoo. The horns look like they are either part of the hat, or another accessory, they don’t seem to be from the same universe as the rest. Too detailed maybe, needs something to balance it. Very professional overall.

Edit:@ Bacon

must be hard to read while :eek: @ Peach’s bum. J/K :slight_smile:

I laughed at the peach pic when I realized what it was, nice modeling and render and amusing concept. The style fits in well, even if she is a lot curvier under that dress than I thought! :slight_smile:

I agree with 3dementia on the second image; I like the lighting, render, and dress material, but I’m not sold on the face proportions or the detail concentration on the horn.

Maybe I aren’t the only one who has always thought that Mario had an underlying story. Afterall, Mario collects mushrooms, literally becomes HIGHER, then battles a drug lord/pimp who is the lord of an evil empire based around a world of magic mushrooms. And only finds a talking mushroom each time, until finally rescuing Peach, from the clutches of the said drug lord. How clear it is…

Anyway, I love the rendering style, although I am not so sure about the use of a character who was the basis of the games of my childhood… None the less, it is no more than stylisation. The second one I don’t know…I agree with 3Dementia on most points of that, the mouth doesn’t seem quite right, and the horns are a bit out of place. Still a fantastic render though, really like both of them, well done.

im with weyfb lol she is just some ho lol.

sorry 2dementia lol im on a world of my own today haha. i think its a bit of tongue in cheek as opposed to being obscene lol.

as for the second one on closer inspection i would have to agree, i think its that the horns look too realistic it conflicts the rest of the scene. still really loving the overall style of it all :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :smiley:

I can agree on many of the points about the second image. It ended up being a bit thrown together. However, it looks a lot like it did in my imagination, so I’m happy with it.

LOL!!! love the first image! I hope that Mario is nearby enjoying the results of his hard work! (no pun intended). It made me smile!

The Peach Render is just awesome, really funny, well put together and such a great concept.

Second one I really want to like but don’t. My main problem is the lighting, I know you were going for dark and dim, but it really just needs a little more light (in my opinion).

Also, her nose seems a little off to me, kind of high on the face. I do see it getting better with a little more work, though, seems like a nice concept.

i really like this render. good one sir :slight_smile:

I love Peach, its a great image all i can say… The second one I think is good as well, however those horns do seem a bit over detailed compaired to the rest and just don’t seem to sit right.

Face of She is blue looks like Michael Jackson for me :o

Wow first one is sweet and funny. Second lack something, maybe overdone sss or somehting. 5* for princess.

Thank you, everyone :smiley:

I’m starting to feel I should have put them in separate threads :o

Super nice renders! I also like the first one. Amazing details and it’s just a rude nude pic :slight_smile: you can see the grass sim go around the bend, is the background a still image? the tree’s are interesting also.

you should make it fullHD for background image!


funny pic, so who’s the voyeur behind the bush Mario or Luigi


Everything you see in the image is a 3D element in the scene. I can post a screenshot if you want to see :slight_smile:

The trees are a bunch of spheres, shrinkwrapped and smoothed, with a particle system duplicating a single leaf all over it. Same with the bushes (although they’re too blurred out to see).

Or maybe Bowser? I don’t know. :smiley:

I considered adding Mario’s hands pulling the foreground bushes apart, but it didn’t make it into the final image.

The first image is choice! Bowser voyeur ftw! hahaha Great work for sure. The second creeps me out to no end… I really have trouble looking at the face, I mean it’s well done, but I’m not sure you were going for that exact effect. ;D

Solid Job!

Blender internal is not bad in the right hands !

Here’s the rundown. THe eyes are placed too far apart and the nose is a little high up, a common mistake when creating faces. Not to mention the Horn hat when I believe the horns are supposed to be apart of the head, i hope. Overall, I think it’s good and very pro indeed. As for the Peach pic, why is it not in the forum gallery? It’s super duper beast!