Barely Regal (Peach "fanart") (And another image)

Mmm, yes. I was going for a sort of animal-look on her face, but in the end it became too human, not enough beast. She sort of looks like a transvestite now. Ah well, I learned a lot by doing it :smiley:

Haha, the Peach pic is great!

It would make a super popular tshirt at comic conventions and similar (if you were brave enough to tease the nintendo legal team :wink: )

Any chance you could post a tree blend for us? :wink:

Love the peach image!!

When I said beast, I meant really really good (sorry, my videogame talk slang got the better of me!) Anyways, congratulations on a job well done, especially with Peach. This totally adds one more reason to like her!

Haha, yeah, don’t worry about it. I knew what you meant, and I still mean what I said about it. :slight_smile:

Ask and you shall receive!

peach_tree.blend - 4.43MB

It is not a perfect tree (It’s meant to be blurred out), but it worked very well for me in this scene. If I was going to show it off more detailed, I might make a couple more different leaves and give them a subsurf.

Great! now i can study up on some great artwork. It seems that you took the same approach as the new Mario Galaxy game but a little better for the fact that you modeled on the leaves instead of texturing them. The wii on the other hand can support as many polygons like their competition XBOX360 and the PS3, but supports enough to have a good time.

pasteall is better to share .blends :slight_smile:

When I opened up 9gag for my daily dosage of fun today guess what I found:


I can only see the word “UNSAFE”, but I can assume what’s behind it. :wink:

Got it! I do this way too seldom. :slight_smile:

You can ASSume? :smiley:
Yeh, my bad, you need an account at 9gag to see stuff thats flaged NSFW. Forgot about it.
Maybe you should watermark the image with your name and that it´s done with Blender. Your work could be good publicity for Blender. It´s sure to come around :wink:

It’s funny! Cute cartoon stylization (especially as regards the rendering) and nice character as well (the first one).

It’s your image! That would make me mad. Why do people just grab stuff and repost it without credit?

Hey someone posted this into Kotaku it seems; clicky

She’s Blue looks like a cross between a Zandozan from The Last Starfighter and a Draenei from World of Warcraft to me. :eek:

Love the Peach image.:cool:

You ruined my childhood.

I don’t mind as long as they don’t say they made it themselves.

Of course it would be best if they credited me, but I’m not going to get angry about something like this. It’s the Internet. This happens all the time.

Oh yes, I saw! That’s awesome!

You just made the front page of Digg:

Bookmarked for later.

So you just exposed Mario’s long hidden secret, the little bastard xD

Lovely render and model (smack!) Though I do agree the second one looks odd, aside from the fantastic lighting :slight_smile:

LOL Classic!