Barendina reworked

Hi Blender peeps.

I’m now officially converted to Blender, here’s my first character rig and work in progress. Don’t worry I will change the hairstyle, this is bad… I know.

I’m getting grips with the workflow and Cycles renderer and loving it so far. Render-time with hair is a bit high but with no Cuda cores to speed things up and hope to change this soon. Anyone knows if GPU hair rendering supported yet?

Here is the original non-Blender Barendina …

Nice touch to give her dress the typical Blender colors :wink: And yes, hair is supported on the GPU now. It was integrated in 2.68 ( )

Are you going to redo the complete reference scene? Keep up the good work.

Thanks minoribus. I’ m not sure yet, I might create a whole new scene.

Here’s an updated version, more lights added as well as a backdrop. The underlying geo that contains the eyebrows hair particle system has an unwanted effect on the subsurface skin shader. Perhaps to fix this problem I need to move all the hair into a new layer and comp, this just mean extra render time, already on two hours :frowning:

Those CUDA cores make a big difference in render times for cycles.

Barendina is very cute. Is she going to be animated?

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

inspired by Disney :)… I see that your game-ing character’s look’s good.

Thanks, well she’s rigged so perhaps yes, it’s been a while since I’ve last entered a little 11 second challenge. I will invest in a CUDA card soon and throw out the OpenCL.

Thanks matey!

Quick fix, I’ve applied a mask modifier to exclude the underlying brows geo containing the hair particle system so not to affect the subsurface skin shader, as seen above anymore. Dance of joy!