Baritone something or other...

Havent decided what is going in the final render… Figured Id model my baritone, well, becuase I didn’t feel like playing :-p

this is just a test: (oh, and this is my first true organic model…btw)

Wow, very nice. Excellent colors and reflections. Just enough “Mirror” to get a nice highlight. Nice modelling, too.

My favorite is the light-yellow one in the corner.

Is that Blender internal? Because, Damn - I can never get the transparency filtering to work that nicely!

Looks like euphoniums (sp?) to me.

Really nice work on materials and modelling there :wink:


While they look pretty, I’m afraid you made a couple of errors. Most baritones are made of brass, not glass.

Well, no, It wasn’t rendered in the internal, I relied on Indigo…magical program :stuck_out_tongue:

As to it being glass…well…yes…but this looks cooler, so there :E

sorry if im abit too harsh,the material doesnt look like even look like glass,really shiny transparent plastic.It needs work.other than that the modelling is great.:smiley:

Yeah, I sepnt about 2 min making the materials :stuck_out_tongue: They aren’t anywhere right in that image.

For he final, I think Ill have a bunch of baritone ju-jubs (candy) coming out of a bag or something…hmmm

Or maybe baritones in marbles? :E

Thanks. Hey does Indigo support HDRI? That in this image with a lot of reflection would just make it!