Baritones, redone.

Modeling done in blender, rendered in Indigo v0.6.6

EDIT: removed copyright from both images @ bottom.

Nice! i play baritone too

Indigo rules!

Wow…I just found indigo and started playing with it…I LOVE IT!

Also…Awesome work. Great modelling on the baritones too. I used to play baritone!


Nice colours.

Wow! Thanks for the comments, I figured it wouldn’t do so well :smiley:

Oh, 1280x1024 wallapaper added to first post.

thank you for the Desktop!

Thanx for the desktop image! I set it as my background already!

Its very nice!


the bells look kinda bent up in the picture, but maybe thats how you wanted it to be :p. Other than that, perfect render .:wink:


baritones==best intrument and me==baritone player :slight_smile:

Saw it in the WIP i think:confused: .Great work!:wink: :smiley:

Very nice render! Love the materials.

Wow! more baritone players! Ive never seen another one In my school, and around band competitions :o

The bell is curved, I noticed that…20 hours into the render :E I figured it wasn’t bad enough of an error to fix.

well, it looks more like glasswork with the bent bell. As we all know, glasswork tends to be imperfect. When molten is like a super heating clay.

Ha! amzing. I love photorealistic cG, cant seem to get the hang of all the rendering tho. I thin this would make a great splash for blender(yeah, i did see ur entry)
Great man

Heh, Smoke on the water… I love Deep Purple!
Great image kyle91!

what ever happend to the 3840x2160 render?

Its still chuggin’ away.

Full size version is DONE!

I did some noise removal and stopped it early, because it is only meant for a poster, it won’t be printed at full rez anyways.

(beware, 3.4mb jpg)

I have to say I love Indigo too…but Yafray and the internal have their place in my heart. Like 40 secs to render compared to 2 minutes, or 10 minutes to render compared to 3 hours. They both have their strengths I guess.

Your render is beautiful. Keep it up…go model some trumpets or something.