Barn House (Casa Monte Real) - Vray Blender

Hi there! another personal work that i rendered on Vray Blender. Originally inspired from Barn House or Casa Monte Real by Ines Brandao Arquitectura that i saw on Archdaily. I’m using Photoshop for post processing. Feedbacks and critiques are much appreciated! thanks!


This is one the best ArchViz renders I’ve ever seen in Blender, the level of realism is incredible. Beautiful image!!

thanks mate! glad you like it :smiley:

Beautiful render! A bit noisy for my taste though, vray shouldn’t have a hard time cleaning this up!

thanks! yes, it is a bit noisy, cause unfortunately i still have to use my “powerful” laptop with core i3 and 4 gigs of ram for this one. this one took 6 hour to render by the way and i can’t wait any longer. :smiley:
normally i could multiply all subdivs parameter to two to get it cleaner or perhaps lowering noise thresold a bit.
again, thanks for your comment johndoe123!