Barn - updated

More progress on page two and three!
Here’s my latest render. C&C please!
— EDIT —
Shed or barn, dunno what word fits this scene best. Neither I presume for it’s not that completed or anything. I was testing the Bullet engine and having loads of fun with it. I rendered it with Indigo 0.9t4 for fun and it the result got me motivated to properly complete it. So the render below is not the final image, I’ll be adding models and improvements this scene 'cause I’d like to make something nice outta this.
IMAGE REMOVED, click here
Click the image for a larger version.

Rendered for almost 13 hours at 1000x1000 on my poor lil’ AMD Sempron.

So if I find the time, currently very busy (and troubled) with my study.

Take care,


heheh, nice test i like it! :wink: the lighting obviously is good, and the textures look nice too, for a test the como, is fine too, i guess…

I realy should get into indigo some time soon, looks great.

thnx guys, no idea what como is though :slight_smile:

I’ve made a bike for inside the shed, will make other objects now.

ahh, sorry compo as in composition! :wink:

and indeed, the bike and other misc. items will add to it, and while at it, why not remove the ‘brick ball’ from the top of the shed, and make it look like there has been a storm or something… :slight_smile:

Wow thats totally awesome! :slight_smile:

Ah, composition, thanks pal! I personally like that too.

I first wanted to explode the shed, but it’s hard to make broken wood and stuff, so I’m not sure, but if I don’t need it to be animated, I can make it a lot cooler, indeed by a storm or something, personally I was thinking of a huge wave (water), but not sure if my pc can handle such ideas… But if I just want to make a still, I can bend the bike a bit, brake some spokes, make cool dust, break some wooden things and get a more cool picture, though then not animated. Hmmm, choices choices choices…

And Borgleader, thanks a lot!

Hey R,
looks neat. Curious to see where this is going. The brick ball looks a bit weird, since there aren’t really rounded bricks. But it does give this work a surreal feeling.

Btw, my invitation for Amsterdam still counts. So if you’re interested in a weekly, or just a visit, just let me know.


Oh man. I really need to stop putting off learning indigo.

How and why there’s a sphere of bricks up there at the top I don’t know, but the rest is really cool. Just wondering, are all the textures your own?

Oh, and very nice bike model also.

Already made a chair (such a fold-able one) and a nice hammer.

blenditall, yes most textures are my own, some are downloaded from freeware texture websites or from stock.xchng ( The brick ball is mostly just a test-object but I liked the sphere with this brick texture so I just left it like so. As mentioned before, I will make a more interesting way of destructing this scene soon.

Sago, I know about the ball, I will probably make the scene destructed by an explosion or whatever.

After this week, when I’m done with my tentamens, I’ll have some more time. I’ll contact you then. Take care and good luck with the peach project!

I really like it!
Technically everything looks great, but I really love the concept and the composition!
There’s such a suggestion of movement; the brick ball coming through the ceiling, the walls looking as if they’re about to burst open, etc-even though it’s obviously a static image.
It’s crying out to be developed into an animation!

haha, thanks pal, that’s nice to hear :).

funny thing is, that I was just about to tell you guys that I’m planning to keep it a static image, for it’s all getting too heavy for my pc, plus when I just make an image I will be able to break stuff better looking and make dust and things.

now I’m not sure… hmm

I’ve improved the bike, given the ground some bumps and stuff, made a light bulb (broken naturally) and modified the chair.


I found out something cool! In order to be able to make high-res models and still make them usable in the bullet engine, simply make a low-res version of it and use that in the bullet engine. I hope there’s a way to then copy the motion from that low-res model the the highres model. I hope so and do think so. Here are the lowres models of the bike and chairs.


I’ve done a little test and confirmed the theory :P. it works like a dream! well, not like a dream, it works ‘ok’ but still, it calculates the collisions like real-time and after the ‘swapping’ looks pretty convincing. it does seem like there’s a distance between the actual mesh (the low-res mesh witch is being thrown around) and the next one, like there’s a shield around them and witch makes the animation look as if the bikes aren’t touching eachother. is there a way to improve this? here’s a screen.
small test, not really a serious attempt or anything. rendered for half an hour. now bedtime. tomorrow exam, hope it’ll go well.
later this week, more stuff!

See underneath or the first post for my latest test. I know I shouldn’t be starting to mess around with particles and whatever yet, but well… too late now. I’m gonna be working on making more models now.

Here’s short animation test, just for fun, but also kinda to see if the effect would be convincing. I’m pretty happy with it, though it will be alot better so I hope!
Click image for the animation.

I’m talking to the wall, but having a good time! I was working but now I’m done, and so is another little test video (1.2 mb). Click image to see it and click “Reply” to criticize it :D.
Now … bedtime!

lookin nice! the indigo versions look sick! very nice texturing.
try out the latest Indigo version for maybe a bit of a speedup…
you could also look into modeling a dustcloud and setting up a dust material in Indigo, to get some real cool light shafts coming in.
keep on truckin

Thanks for the tips StompinTom :). I’l try the latest Indigo version though I don’t think I will be using Indigo a lot for this project since I’m gonna be making it animated. Perhaps I’ll make another Indigo render for fun, but I’m currently aiming for a cool animation, I never really did an animation before :P.

I just made the Twister with a lot of cloud procedural textures and some halo materials. I think the effect is pretty neat for such an first attempt. I’m currently rendering a short animation test with the movement (plain rotation for now) of the tornado and after my driving-course (yeah!) I’ll upload it if it works out nice. Here’s a render of the scene (removed some of the roof and stuff to see the twister, in the animation the walls will be removed by the wind) with the twister in the background. C&C most welcome!

Moved to WIP, as the title states.

Nice work though. Very interesting concepts going on here.


Thanks for moving BgDM! And glad you like it so far.

Here’s an update. I’ve worked more on the tornado and made another test-video. Hope you’ll like it!


If anyone has any tips on how to improve the look of the twister, please help me out!

— EDIT —
Here’s yet another test movie. This time with another angle, with the twister clearly visible in the shot. Click the screen to see it.

I stopped working on the twister for a moment for I don’t really know how to improve it. I know it needs loads of improvements but I’m gonna watch Jan de Bont’s Twister one more time for some inspiration (I love that movie :D). I’ve made some more objects in the meantime. C&C most welcome.

Newest animation test

Another update. Some more models.
Yet some more:

And again some more objects.

By the way, I made up my mind about the size of the barn and I’m gonna make it quite a bit larger. Now it’s like 3x3m and I think it’s gonna get something like 8x12m or something. I’ve made some sketches and gonna be making the skeleton soon. I’m gonna make it a bit larger because than I can make a real wooden structure that will remain after the tornado hits it. The small shed wouldn’t have a wooden skeleton in real life. Plus now I have more room for objects! Haha, though it’s quite a job to make all the objects. I’m gonna keep 'em coming.

Btw if anyone knows an answer to my problem in post 1, about the particles, I can’t seem to figure it out.

two more objects, many more to come

I’ve made a van once upon a time. Now I added some details to it and modified the texture so that it seems very weary. I really like it.
Another three objects.
two tires and a wheelbarrow