Barna99 - World building experiment

Soooo… I’ve been experimenting for a while with some ideas and “the thing” it’s only starting to get a real structure.

I was playing around the concept of Barcelona in 2099 ('cause it’s where I live and 'cause it’s a nice number) and I was mainly focusing on the world building aspect but gradually a story began to form in this world I was building and I couldn’t stop thinking: how cool would it be to create some kind of short movie, series or at least something that take place in Barcelona by 2099.

So the idea of Barna99 was officially born.

In 2099 Barcelona is surrounded by the desert, overpopulated and extremely polluted. The world by that year is really fragmented and crowded of differents factions and alliances. Humanity is on the verge of a global conflict for resources and habitable land.

Nomadism became a really common lifestyle in Catalonia and a lot of little communities started forming. The vast majority of these community were pacific and just a way to survive for a lot of people, but "highway pirates " also became a thing and travelling between cities became again a really dangerous activity.


While I was working on the main storyline and characters, I thought it would be fun to imagina some brands and products to put’em in my scenes since the beginning.

So… as a former chef, I couldn’t start anywhere else than a restaurant chain.

The first Can Cranc was opened in 2021 in Sant Andreu de Palomar and it was an astounding success. It rapidly grew so much that it became the biggest fish restaurant chain in Catalonia in just a few years, opening over a dozen restaurants in Barcelona and a lot more in the rest of the region.


Great ideas, nice implementations :ok_hand:

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