Barney gets burned and crucified at the same time (your opinion)

Hard to believe people hate Barney this much, and no wonder the video has more then 400 replies.

Just to note the cross didn’t burn, just Barney.

Barney’s a stupid dinosaur.

Barney is a communist, he deserves to be burned, slap a jap, join the army, the government loves you.

Seriously though, Barney is an evil creation of man.


Only you would find something like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must say that was one of the most dramatic videos I’ve seen on Youtube next the Muse: Take a Bow - Equilibrium mix. But that one was taken down.:frowning:

In my early teens I drew a comic strip called “Barney Goes Bad.” It showed him teaching kids to become juvenile delinquents, like spraying graffiti, getting into fights, and during storytime he would tell grisly stories of bunnies being blown to smithereens in a minefield. It was pretty funny!

Kids with too much time on their hand. Go creat something instead of destroy it

My opinion is I Don’t Care.

Barney looks like a burning marshmallow at first.

I also don’t care. I just hope I get to 2000 soon.

Uh… wow…


You joined… when…

Oh… it says it right there

March 2008:eek:

Smaug has almost 10000. 2 years… Me, 12-5. 7 months. 12x2=24, - the 5, 19, so I post a bit more than Smaug?
1948x2=3896, Smaug posts/posted more than me. Around 2 times more.

How much I post depends on how much stuff here I get interested in. I’m already one of the forum’s top posters under this account, imagine, a Dragon having posted more than most of the humans here:spin:

To be fair I have been very productive in Blender at times, 400 art pieces since my crappy bar of soap picture and 4 BGE games.

You told on yourself. Great Scot that’s a lot of posts. Take a break. Give your fingers a rest.

You gave me an idea, dragon. I can model the dinosaur, make him softbody… and make a whole game about Barney.

I always count among my blessings that my son (now 14) disliked Barney almost as much as I did.

Huh. The video is actually kind of dull. I was hoping for some interesting animation or something, kind of a modern “Poppin’ Death”. Any blenderheads ever seen that? The Pillsbury Doughboy in the microwave? Done with stop-motion back sometime in the 70s.