Baroque/Grunge and Cycles Hair

Hey everybody,
I’m trying to create a baroque fashion still with a hint of grunge and I’m a bit lost on my workflow…and other things too. So, here’s my concept with the (DAZ) model sitting on the fainting couch with the window far behind her (maybe slightly off camera).

and here is the dress I’d like to put on my model. Help on how to sew or model this would be nice.

I’ve already started on the fainting couch, but I’m just not sure what kind of materials and colors to put on it. (Just pretend the blue couch has the same velvet texture on it) How would I go about adding ornamental carvings to the back?

I guess the whole point of this post is for creative input and constructive criticism, but any type of comment is appreciated.

I would say that you should just start making the scene. If you are not comfortable with the sofa, then start with the windows. You should rough out the basic shapes, then refine the details, and by then you will know whether you need the sofa details, and people will be able to make suggestions.

You need, a wall, a floor, a ceiling, a chair, a dress, and a person. If you start simple (ie with the ceiling or floor), you will develop momentum just by working on the project.