Barracks room

Hey guys, this is something I threw together to distract me from some other projects. Don’t know that I’ll do anything else to it but I thought I’d show it off anyway.
This is my barracks room at the base I’m stationed at btw.

Was expecting this to be Barack Obama’s room :stuck_out_tongue: I like the specular on the wall!

Lol, nah I wish. This is where I live unfortunetly. Not great for inspiration but don’t have much of a choice. Thank you it took me a while to get it to where I was happy.

looks ready for an officer except the bed. not made so you can bounce a quarter off it.

Lol, those officers with their fancy rooms. This is a shore barracks so I don’t have to have it boot camp style, plus being in the navy we do things much simpler

I aint gonna lie to ya, I am jealous. I am in the army and would be lucky to have a Barracks half as decent as yours.

Well this a training command, once I get to a ship its gonna be 68 people to a berthing and a tiny rack.

Still better than the shit we get we get a shitty tent, with no ac in Iraq so you guys by far have it better I just left an AF base and they were amazing. Not to mention yall got great food, and our trining arias were in condemed buildings with mold growing everywere and mising brick work and what not…

Sounds picturesque!
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I suppose you do have it worse, im never going I.a. For that reason. I like my good food and ac