Barrel Rollers

Hey again! :cool:
Just finished this piece for Blender Guru, we recently launched Rock Essentials and I felt I needed to create something on my own style to celebrate it:


Barrel Dudes WIP:

All rocks found there came from the pack, so the bulk work of what could be a really long scene to create could be achieved in roughly two weeks, with most of the time being devoted to composition and the water setup.

All the water and mist/foam are coming from the render, no fancy post-production here. The water splashes, mist, foam and waves are all alpha masked planes and shapes, with splash/foam samples taken from pictures or hand-painted.

Strongly influenced by the tolkien universe/weta work (as everything else I do), turbulent waters won’t stop barrel rollers :RocknRoll:

I uploaded a bunch of making of images that can be checked on Artstation:

Thanks! :wink:

Gosh, but you, always do amazing work?? Thinking it is a rendering makes me envy your skills, you’re great!

Fantastic image Guilherme, your work keeps getting better and better!

awesome work

As always… Awesome!
The amount of detail is amazing

Hahah! You say that because you never seen my WIP folder :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for the lovely words, glad you liked it!

Hey man, Thank you!
I must say the same about your articles and tutorials! :wink:
Glad to have you here, cheers!

Thank you, Luca!

Glad you liked it Dan, happy to hear that!
Thank you!

Would you mind going into detail on how you made those waves/rapids? This is an amazing render! Awesome work!

I’m interested in knowing how much of that is modeled, and how much of it is background. You seem to have solved my “Make stuff in Blender look like concept art” dilemma.

This is brilliant! love it :slight_smile:

The foam and mist along the water is fantastic!

5 stars! :smiley: