[barren] World

(EnthroneD) #1

It’s certain. u’d choke to death here…


Jpeg, 1280x1024, 101.3 K


(kEinStein) #2

WOW! :o I’m already breathless!! I think I will dismay! Great work! Have you been inspired by Pitch Black? I don’t know why - it remembers me somehow…

(wewa_juicyb) #3

I love it! it would make a great background too if you post-processed it with some cool effects and what not. Great work!


(seval) #4

Nice. I like the dark lighting.

(stephen2002) #5

very nice, but the resolution on the geometry could be increased in a few areas (espeically on the left)

(adyus) #6

terragen and blender, right? there’s just no known way to model those mountains in blender…anyway, great work

(Ecks) #7

Keep up the good work enthroneD!!!

(Check our forum…cause this weekend I’ll add a new topic regarding the job of everyone :wink: )

(Lordbenny) #8

I doth my hat to you, sir.

Very good job.

(basse) #9

great job ! one of the rare space-scifi-scenes that I like… I’,m not sure about the long shadows in the very front… I have to see that again a bit later on, now the sun is shining to my monitor a bit too bright :wink:

what you mean “no know way to model”?? you can model whatever you want in blender…
I dont see anything that requires terragen…


(slikdigit) #10

One of the nicest blender space scenes I’ve seen :wink:
verry nice. Great textures on the planets- great textures in general. I like the lighting, the close star and the long shadows.

(kaktuswasse) #11

hey, great work!!! Really like the mood of it. And for me as well one of the rare space scenes i like :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!!

cya henrik

(JD-multi) #12

Euh?? no way to model this landschape in blender?? yes I can. THere’s a way to extrude in blender from a grayscale picture like terragen’s do :stuck_out_tongue:

(EnthroneD) #13

thx all!

dont get so harsh on blender…sure u can model those mountains in it…with LOTS of patience!!

anyway…the pic wuz done with terragen/blender/gimp.

(adyus) #14

see? I TOLD you it was done in Terragen!!! I recognised the texture pattern and the familiar mountain shapes that take WAAAY to long to model in Blender if you’ve ever heard of terragen. So, he had to use Terragen. Plus, that shadow gave him away. I don’t think he’d have modeled something in Blener that he had no intention of rendering, so it MUST have been generated in Terragen, which generates a whole patch of world. (say Holmes, at what school did you learn to be a detective?)Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary.

(EnthroneD) #15

seems mr.adyus here is intent to prove that i have done nothing in blender. lemme ask u something mate…what do u mean u ‘recongnised’ the texture pattern?? and i hear something about the shadow betrayin me…!!! are u implying that u cant create shadows in blender or put up a decent texture?? (pardon me…but i cant help laughin at this…!!)
what terragen did was only the terrain and NOTHING else…which i’m sure most of everyone here knows. if ure so good at terragen…why dont u rig up something fairly close??

(adyus) #16

hey, sorry man. I didn’t think you’d take it so hard. I was just joking, of course you’re capable of doing the same stuff or even better in Blender, while I’m prolly not. it was just a joke, because basse thought you made it in blender only. Of course, I totally agree, you CAN make something like this in Blender and it will probably look better that Terragen. What I meant by “recognising” the texture is that Terragen would probably generate something similar with its internal texturing system, that’s all. Same with the shadows. I made a mistake and I’m truly sorry. The only way I knew of using Blender and Terragen together was to import the terrain and “paste” the pic rendered in terragen over the camera. I thought you did the same (the lighting looks alot like Terragen, congratulations!), but obviously I was wrong. And I admit it too!

p.s. come on, admit you laughed at my “elementary school” joke! please…?

(EnthroneD) #17

no regretz and no mizzunderstandingz…

cheers mate!! :smiley: