Barriera d'Enfer

La boheme (Giacomo Puccini), “Barriera d’Enfer” Scene. Adolf Hohenstein sketch.

This is interesting. Great render. Very atmospheric.

Even though it probably is intentional, I do not like the way the trees are stylised - I mean the tickness of branches/trung are unrealistic. Per this height of the trees, the trunk should be a bit thinner and it should get significantly thinner after each split.

Also, a bit more background on the purpose of this project might help (e.g., how is it connected to the opera)? Because, as a standalone project, I am missing here some life/story/whatever that would make it somehow more interesting.

Except for that, well done - nice atmosphere, nice stylisation, well rendered.

I’m not sure what was your goal. Do you wanted to create a photorealistic scene from the real life or a kind of scenography for a movie or stage? I agree with what wadir_ said about trees plus I’d like to add that they look too uniform (for me) - one tree duplicated many times, without any single variety added. If you were aiming for reality, more details from XIXth century will be a nice touch.
Anyway, I really like your work, I like the atmosphere and references to my favourite opera :slight_smile:

Pretty cool scene. Apart from adjusting the trees, you could add a few marks in the snow. - Footprints, maybe a snowman build by some kids, etc, that would give the impression that this village is actually inhabited. - Unless it is supposed to be fresh fallen, untouched snow, but then it would be good to have some snow falling in the scene?

Hello, the goal of the scene is to represent melancholy, cold, solitude in according with the sad moment of the Opera. (ème). This image will be projecting as scenario.
Thanks for your feedback!

Hello there,
This is just my opinion but if you want it to represent melancholy, cold and solitude, then you should add a blackbody node to your light in order to make it colder ( setting it to 20,000 should do the job) Of course, if you have already done that then never-mind my suggestion =)