Barry Game-res 3d character (eevee) (HBO TV Fanart)

Inspired by the TV series BARRY on HBO, this is my attempt to create a game res character model. This is a personal fan art project.

I sculpt this Bill Hader likeness froma shphere using blender 2.8. retopo.
I sculpted the head from a sphere in blender, retopo and UV in blender, use multi-res and shrinkwrap in Blender (just like sudivide and project in zbrush). The mesh was then exported to zbrush for high frequency details such as pores and wrinkles.
I baked and textured in Substance Painter. I export maps frequently, and basically use blender eevee as my texturing “livelink viewport”, where I can begin shader work as the same time.

Hair cards texture are hand painted in photoshop. Grooming of the hair cards are mostly done by hand with individual curve deform per hair card. The beard started as a particle system spawning card, which was then hand groomed. After the grooming is done, i edited the original Haircard alpha maps into ID and root for hair shader.

the eye recreated is based on the UE4 Digital human manual. with eye occluder, and shader work.

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