"barry the Fish" still a bit of help needed (updat

ive started to make a sea bed for a secen im making, but no matter what i try i ant get a good underwater effect, this iw the start of the moddeling, could anyone and everyone please help out with any sugestions to make a nice underwater look (eg lighting, fluid sim ect just anything)
thanks all.


try giving your light source a texture to get the ripples on the sand effect. with a soft blue/green light.

right ill be hoest, ive never tryed giving a light a texture, what would it envolv? and how might i go aobut it? sry to ask so many questions, but it would be a good trick to get under the belt.

It’s the same as assigning a texture to a material. I think You’ll work the rest out by Yourself:)

You can set a texture to the light in Shading/Lamp buttons/Texture and Input.
Click add new and a new texture will appear. Go to Shading/Texture buttons and you will see your new texture there. Now you can select the texture type. For some sort of wave effect, select Clouds. Tweak the settings as you wish. Note: You can set up a cool ramp shader to the texture in Colors. You can also generate a name for the texture easily by clicking the small button next to small x.

Maybe soften the edges of the shadows and add some mist to simulate the effect of the light diffusing through the water.

Check out this tut, it may give you some pointers: http://www.enricovalenza.com/makebongoenv.html

ok, ive been trying some of the things u gave sugested (thanks for that stuff, exactly why i post for help :smiley: ) and this is what i have so far.
please tell me if u tihnk it helps, what needs tweaking ect or if i missed out something vital.
thanks again.


Thats starting to get an underwater feel, I like you sea floor, there maybe something on my site which could give some ideas, theres a link to my site in my signature area, down there at hte bottom :slight_smile: .


Lookin good, now I would just add some plantlife and some sea creatures and your on your way! :slight_smile:

ok, the scene is starting to come together now, i still need to do some work on it tohugh, im tihnkin of putting some bubles in (any sugestions on the best way for this wouldnt go a miss) and maybe some other sea life, but its obvious what the main feature the eye is meant to be drwn to is.
and crits and comments, please send em this way.


right, nt getting much crit so im hoping thats good, but ill keep on posting cus i tihnk im almost done now, im just trying to ween out any small bits, so here it is up till now. Barry the fish.


Maybe increase in the light emitting on the light wich is
“refracted light from waves”.
Blender sea life :smiley:

Barry looks like he’s made of vinyl now. I think he looked better without the bump map.

Otherwise- it’s good

Looking really nice! Adding that light texture and mist really gave it an underwater feel. I also like the fish too even though he creeps me out. He looks like… Nemo…but…crazy and deranged. I agree with j0llyr0ger though, he looked better without the bump map, it made him look cartoony which fit the scene a lot better. But nonetheless, good job and keep up the good work.