Bas-relief compositing node patch

This patch was used in the 2.4 version and I was wondering if I can use this patch with 2.62?
I am totally new to Blender and I am slowly beginning to understand how this all works, coming from all engineering CAD side this interface and tools are quite a departure from how I normally work in 3D.

Thank you

This patch won’t work with blender 2.6

Thank you Mr. Marklew.

Do you know of anyway in Blender to take a photograph and add a 2.5D effect to the photo contents so I then can take away an stl file to run through my CAM software and then ultimately carve the file on my CNC router?
I have tried many methods and different programs with no luck whatsoever other than a heightmap, which is not anything like what I need.


Thank you for the link, the idea is very much the same with the exception of I am working from a 2d photo and the link’s poster is working from a 3D model. But I see enough tool ideas in the link to give it a go, I am sure I will have alot more questions when I dive head first into this quest/journey or whatever you want call it.

Ok, I have been posting some of the findings of this thread over on the forum and I got some more information from another CNC enthusiast who gave me a link to an updated version of the aforementioned patch and it is for version 2.5. Will this new patch work with Blender 2.62?
Here is the link to the newer version: Issue%205032046%3A%20basrelief%20update%20for%202.5x%20r40258%20-%20Code%20Review&jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13307051963113

Maybe have a look at crazybump as well then. If you can make normal/bump map and use that with the displacement modifier you might be able to figure something that works.

@ deadtom
the link does not work !

so this would be a new version of bas relief for 2.6 but done in C not as a script ?

is there a new script that can be executed in 2.6 or only way is to build a new SVN for adding this patch ?

if there is a script for this can you give the link !

or is there a new SVN for window 32 bits may be ?



I apologize for the messed up link and I will fix it when I get home in a few hours as I cannot do to much here at work.
Thank you all so far for the replies,

Ok, here is the new link I hope this one works for everyone.

No comments??

Difficult to say. Current svn is about 4000 revisions past that and there have been many changes. My initial guess is it won’t work, but it is only a guess. Why don’t you simply try it?
If you download Blender’s source for that revision it should work, provided the patch was in a working state then.

Hi there,

Ive followed DeadTom over from cnczone… to try and stress how important this is to us… a lot of people in cnc would use this patch…

I’m hoping to do exactly as you suggested… I don’t care which version of blender I run… I just want to get the patch working in a WINDOWS blender build… I’ve never compiled blender before… and on a windows platform it’s complicated by the need to install a lot of SDK and support content… before you can even start to build…

I’ve spent the last 2 days preparing a machine to try it… a ‘clean’ (;)) XP install… with just the development SDK ready to make the attempt… but I’ve hit a problem I have no idea how to solve… and so we turn to the community for assistance.

The 2.49 build with the patch pre-installed is Linux only… we have no idea about the 2.5 version… to even find out I need to know the process of adapting a working linux blender patch into a working windows blender patch… I have a little linux experience but I’ve never compiled blender… and I’ve never compiled anything on windows before… this should give an idea of how serious we are about getting this working… If I can accomplish this with the working 2.49 blender build… then we can look at trying it with the 2.5 update.

We know it can be done… At cnczone someone is trying to profit from Plidnovak’s gift to the blender community and SELL us this information.

Plidnovak is NOT gaining any benefit or share of the profits of someone selling his work / gift to windows CNC users. I don’t agree with this… and feel that we must put a stop to it… I intend to present a working version for FREE… I’m ALL about FREE… just like the plugin author…

If anyone knows how I should begin the process of transferring the plugin to a WINDOWS blender build I’d really appreciate the help… and will be happy to return a FREE working windows version to the blender community…

I could easily build a working version for myself below Linux… but this does not help the other cnc users who would rapidly take up a version they could install under windows without having to compile it…

I think someone in the community MUST have an idea of what is required… this cannot be the only linux based plugin that has transferred to windows…

If you can… please please please lend a hand to make this happen…

Best Regards


Thank you all for your assistance, Danny thanks for getting behind me on this endeavour.
If the Blender community would like more information on what the CNC community is using this patch for you can find Yohudi and myself over at the site where digital magic meets the real world.

@ Deatom

the link given for this ?

i mean these are modules i guess used to build a new version in 2.6 ?

or are these already built SVN that we can run directly

i would like a Vista 32 bits SVN if possible on graphicall so that anyone can download it !

cause i don’t know how to build SVN for blender never done it yet !
and i guess it is complicated to learn how to do that !


here are some ionic capital that i did in 2.49


Thank you RickyBlender for looking into this problem with us, your knowledge and expertise are appreciated.

Actually the latest/last patch from ideasman42 is this, which should work for 2.5x r40258.
Unfortunately i have no tools to build on windows. However windows users do have tools to run linux form file, (boot from live cd/usb) on same win box. That might help use Blender built on linux, i haven’t tested that, anyone with capable win box?

Hi, I’m new to Blender and to this forum. I’m looking for help with creating Bas Relief images to save as stl files to send to my laser for jewelry making applications. Hoping to find tutorials to learn by. I read some of your past posts on the subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated!