Base anime lowpoly model

I plan to use them for making games so I can make multiple characters with just deform their faces and bodies more easier than making thim one by one. I’m going to add a child and a baby ver. to this. ^^
But I’m really strugguling with making hair :confused:

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not bad for for an anime style ,
i would recomend to lower the verts so you get to control the deformation easy ,it gets hard to deforem with lots of verts,
like for ex; use 6 verts for the arms and legs fingers , even on the body you can use 8 to 10 verts, this will alaow more easing on both texturing and controlling,
but its a nice work

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Thanks for the tips ! ^^

no problem, :slight_smile:
hope you get to your goal

Look here for inspiration.

Also i would suggest to go to Deviantart and search for XnaLara models to download.
These are often professional models from games and perfect to get inspiration from.

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Thank you. ^^