Base character Model

ello:) well I originally wanted to make a Navy Seal Character but i havent used blender in a while and I’m just getting back into it… so i tried some tutorials and one of these was about building a clone base character so you always have something to easily build off of or change. Well I decided to make my own base character going off of his body tutorial, adding hands and a head.

Anyway here’s what i have so far…remember i want something that is a base…not to much definition but what every humanoid should have. I plan to rig him also…at the moment all he needs is teeth,tongue and gums. i’m not doing toes as most of my characters i put shoes on.

what i really need help with is my topology and prepping for a rig, then of course rig set up. comments and crits are much appreciated…as soon as i’m finished with this base I want to begin my original character or characters lol just have to see how this turns out.

Looking good so far. I would move his shoulders in some as he looks a little bit triangular. This may be personal preference too.

I’ll be watching to see how your rigging goes. I need to learn that myself.

I think i may at the top lol thanks…and i’ve done rigging before quite a few times…just not the best get lots of bad deformations…so i want advice on a better setup, plus i havent done facial animations…so topology support is key lol


Are you using a reference?

This is looking good. However upper body needs a little more work and maybe give him bigger feet.


yes the everything except the head and hands are from a single reference. bigger feet are possible lol.

what do you mean by more work? any hints or what not? i don’t wanna give him too much definition cause its a base…atm i’m trying to set up the teeth, tongue and gums…not finding much in the way of tutorials on this. then when he’s rigged i’ll use him to make my seal character and then you’ll see some definition lol.

oh and i kinda made him triangular…added musclular lats without thinking lol


The arms don’t seem right to me (The bicep and shoulder area) quite hard for me to explain it. Can someone else please explain.


k i’ll check out some other reference… anyone have some ideas?

more updates…
worked on the shoulders a little, added definition in the legs and checked proportions, added kneecaps lol

still lookin for help with teeth.

how do you render with the wireframe overlay like that?

Ummm one way is to uv-unwrap it . . . then save this image via script or some method. Then load this to the mesh.

By the way the mesh really good . . . I am also learning from your progress. Keep it up!

Or, you can use John Williamson (aka Mr Bomb) technique of duplicating your mesh, scalling it up a tiny fraction and adding a material to it and assigning Z-Transparency and Wire. I assume thats how The_Warder has done it.

yeah thats how i did it midgetmike. someone linked me to the tut on blenderchat.

k finished teeth, gums and a tongue…couldn’t find a tut so i just took a whack at it:)

edit I think i’m about ready to start rigging…but it would be nce to have some crits or opinions before i do…or some rigging help cause i know theres a lot of nice ways to rig lol

various adjustments, armpits, hands, ankles legs, shins not much… just from some suggestions

edit: now elbows lol

Please link us to the rigging tutorial you are going to use. Thanks.

i’m trying to decide the right way to rig him right now…so many different ways…suggestions would be helpful… i might just rig him myself without a tut.

k…nothing i guess…i’ll try and work on the rig tonight…didn’t yesterday cause of work

EDIT( Done with the base rig…playing around with it and seeing what i wanna add and stuff…learning a little…I don’t have the facial areas of the rig started at all yet…haven’t done it before but just wanted you to know i’m still workin

k i know i’m not supposed to triple post…but it’s an update and no one has replied so i’m gonna do it…rig is done i think…added facial bones and such…i tried out heat weight for bones today…it’s awesome lol…my shoulders and legs and such deform much better then i expected…have a little fine tuning to do…but i hope to begin animating tomorrow after work…basic jump, run, walk stuff like that.