base mesh survey

Taking a really short survey for an English brochure I have to do, would really appreciate participation.

Our modeler prefers a single vertex.

the one I set up with my default blend file

It really depends on what I’m going to model (but I selected “plane”)

Cube… I’m just attached to it. :slight_smile:

As san said: it really depends on what you are going to model,
but in most cases I would use a plane (which is what i selected).

Actually, with bmesh, plane works quite well as a base mesh for most projects.

The camera and a lamp.

By default I have removed everything from the scene.
It depends on what you are about to create but I can say that most of the time I start with a plane and extrude from there. Sometimes I will add a circle (no cylinders, I like the control you get with circles better). Cubes and Monkey for messing around.