Base Meshes Child Starter Kit + Rig

Includes 9 the most basic child meshes set and advanced rigged for Blender to help increase your productivity! A good base mesh allows you to save time with good proportions, clean topology and clean paint weight.

Update Log V2.0:

  • Advanced rigged for 4 child character
  • Uv unwrap(mirror)


  • Advanced rigged for 4 child character at Blender
  • 2 variation child boy character (basic & anime style)
  • 2 variation child girl character (basic & anime style)
  • 5 difference part ( 3 foot, 2 hand)
  • 100% quads, clean topology, subdivision ready
  • Symmetrical with the origin point at the center of the grid floor (ready for mirroring)
  • Low polygon count (good for games and retopologizing after sculpting)
  • Uv unwrap(mirror)

Note: Models are not have blend shape apply.

Naked kid sculpt should probably have an nsfw tag. Unless you’ve already cleared it with the mods?

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There are no genitals here, so these are ok. And to be clear: posting underage nudity will not be accepted under any circumstances and will probably get you banned.

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Genitals ? Nudity ? :thinking: Nobody told you that this is basically a set of polygons?